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Make Yourself Better Nights 

Our Story

Shaken Stirred was born from a few close friends spending some much needed valuable time together one evening, reminiscing about old times and discussing hopeful futures.

..mixing increasingly adventurous cocktails with ever more questionable music choices the jokes and stories went on well into the early hours..

Rather than spending a small fortune on an entrance fee and two drinks, it became clear idea that the greatest nights happen without us ever needing to leave home. 

Our Mission

Provide the best products to give people great, memorable nights at home time and time again. 

Whether you are organising the best house party this side of adulthood, preparing for a memorable dinner party, or just looking to treat yourself for a quiet night in, we want to help you make this happen. 

We have an "always testing" mentality, constantly looking to improve what we offer and how we can make our customers and communities we engage in better.

This starts with what we offer to you with our products. We always strive to bring you the best products that can be offered and back this up with inspiration with how to create memorable experiences.

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