Crystal Skull Glass
Crystal Skull Glass
Crystal Skull Glass
Crystal Skull Glass

Crystal Skull Glass

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Only the dead have seen the end of drink. 

The night's just beginning, your friends are looking for leadership during the apprehensive yet exciting atmosphere. Celebrate your victories and toast to a friendship that reminds you what you're all made of. The drink should be at the epicentre of such a toast. Get the special stuff, make it a triple, and do the moment justice. 

The Crystal Skull is a triple shot glass with a design inspired by the Mayan crystal "Skull of Doom" for when you're looking to savoir the moment with your most trusted companions.

The Rock knows what's up..


  • Double walled glass for accentuated inner skull and stability. 
  • Triple measure shot glass.
  • 360° skull design.
  • Free Shipping 


  • Congratulations, you're reading the tips! Commiserations, tip #1 is to not put your glasses in the dishwasher! Whilst of course you can ignore this like the strong independent person you are a good tip for any glass is to roll up those sleeves and not use the dishwasher. 9/10 dishwashers will leave glass looking cloudy, overtime those beautiful drinks will start looking sorry for themselves.
  • For added effect with this glass add some red food colouring or grenadine for a bloody looking drink straight out of a Tarantino set.   


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