Iceberg Cube Molds
Iceberg Cube Molds

Iceberg Cube Molds

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If you've ever found yourself in a bar thinking about what it is that makes the drink in your hand so much better than your best efforts at home don't worry, your in good company. Literally. Truth be told good company is all you really ever need to have a good time. But, if you are looking to take your drinks up a notch there is something majestically soothing about taking sips with an iceberg in your glass. 

Best used before and after the main event, when your down to chill out or soak up the vibes with a few close friends. 

This mould accommodates 4 large ice cubes. Due to the smaller surface area it will keep your drink colder for longer without diluting the taste.

Pro tip: boil the water first to remove as much impurity as possible! This leaves you with crystal clear ice for a much cleaner finish. 


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