Stainless Vibe Cobbler Shaker Set

Stainless Vibe Cobbler Shaker Set

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A cocktail shaker is the single most essential piece of equipment for a bar. It is the key unlocking the gateway to mixology where powerful spirits, subtle flavours, and chilled temperatures are given an opportunity to combine. This Stainless Cobber Shaker Set provides every needed for strong foundations in building your cocktail empire.  

Many of the best cocktails are shaken from Whiskey Sours, to Margaritas, and of course the Martini's favoured by MI6 operatives. Precise drinks measurements can be made in singles and doubles using the Jigger and the flavours of tougher ingredients like limes can be released through the Muddler. The firm grip between the stainless steel components prevent leaking for a solid shake and so that all the liquid makes it out through the built in strainer lid. 

Not all cocktails however are shaken. The bar spoon gives extra versatility where  drinks can be stirred in the shaker all the way through when called upon or to layer liquids for a finishing touch. 


1 x Cobbler Shaker

1 x Muddler

1 x Bar Spoon

1 x Jigger

2 x Free Flow Pourers 

Pro tip: Shake well enough and long enough for the icy mixture inside to turn the shaker frosty.  

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